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A Selection of Personalised Flower Girl Gifts from

Not only is it the biggest day of your life, it’s a huge one for the littlest lady of the Bridal Party too. Why not treat your Flower Girl to a Personalised Gift so that even if she doesn’t remember the delight of seeing the pretty dresses or the excitement of the occasion, she will always have a sweet keepsake to cherish! have a variety of gifts for Flower Gifts so you are bound to find something to suit your little one. Keep reading for some inspiration and a look at a selection of what we have to offer!

personalised flower girl gifts

Personalised Floral Robe for Flower Girls

Silky and soft, this dressing gown is perfect for the morning of the Wedding – personalise it with her name to make it even more unique. Why not get Robes for the whole Bridal Party? She will look adorable and be thrilled to be matching with the big girls!

This cute Rag Doll is a wonderful gift that any Flower Girl would love. It will keep her amused during the proceedings and also serves as a beautiful keepsake and memory of the day! Embroider the name of the little girl and the wedding date to make this Rag Doll extra special.

personalised bride rag doll

Personalised Flower Girl Slate

A different and sentimental gift the Flower Girl will have for years to come – personalise the slate with names and the date of the wedding so she will never forget the celebration. A brilliant way to show your appreciation and thank her for being a part of your special day. The sweet message will bring  smile to her face – ‘When we were little, about the same size as you, we dreamed of falling in love and getting married too’ 

personalised flower girl slate

Personalised Flower Girl T-Shirt

This Personalised Flower Girl T-Shit will have her feeling important and looking cute. Perfect for the day after the wedding when the celebrations are still going but you want to feel more comfortable. The floral design is pretty and playful and the added details of the occasion make it one of a kind!


personalised flower girl tshirt

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6 Personalised Accessories for your Wedding Day Wishlist

Every woman wants to feel extra special on their big day. Getting your hands on some of‘s Personalised Wedding Accessories will do just that. They instantly add a unique flare to the occasion as they are customised especially for you.

personalised bridal accessories

1. Personalised Floral Satin Bridal Bathrobe

Look gorgeous and effortless in one of our soft and silky floral robes. These Personalised Bridal Robes are amazing for photos taken during the morning preparations. This Vintage White colour is perfect for any blushing bride and can be purchased alongside matching slippers or bought in a set with one for each bridesmaid!


2. Personalised Fluffy Bridal Bathrobe

Stay relaxed and calm despite the rush to get to the ceremony on time (OK, maybe you’ll be a little bit late..) in one of our Personalised Fluffy Bridal Bathrobes. White, cosy and beautifully embroidered in either Cadbury Purple or Fuchsia Pink, you will feel fabulously pampered!

3. Personalised Bridal Tote Bag

Ensure all of your essentials for the long day are together and safe  with our Personalised Bridal Tote. Throw in any needed beauty bits, a pair of trusty flats and it will became a bag to rival Mary Poppins! Savvy and functional meets stylish and cute, this bag is a must have for every bride!

 4. Personalised Bridal Garter 

Why not have yours and your Hubby-to-Be’s name and the wedding date as your ‘Something Blue’ by embroidering our Personalised Bridal Garter with blue thread? Presented in a bespoke giftbox and customised especially for you, its a unique keepsake of the day!

5. Personalised Bridal Hoodie

After a long night of dancing and celebrating in your wedding dress, there will be nothing more satisfying that putting on a hoodie! With WowWee’s Personalised Bridal Hoodie you’ll be comfy,  but still feel like a a new wife in white.

6. Personalised Satin Bridal Eye Mask 

Perfect for getting some much needed shuteye on the plane journey to your Honeymoon. Look pretty with the our mint and coral Personalised Satin Bridal Eye Mask and let the smooth satin material relax you. You are bound to be dreaming and reminiscing about the wedding in no time!

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5 Reasons You Need a Personalised Birthday Sash For Your Party

Personalised Birthday Sashes from can make your celebration extra special – here’s 5 reasons why you need one for your party:

1. Feel like a VIP!

Wearing one of our Personalised Birthday Sashes will have you walking into your party feeling like a VIP! Looking stylish and special you’ll be the centre of attention.

2. Match Your Party Dress

No doubt you’ve spent ages choosing the perfect outfit for your big night, and with 6 Sash and 3 Print colours available, why not customise your Birthday Sash to match? The perfect accessory to finish off your look.

3. Embrace your Milestone

Whether you’re celebrating your 18th, 21st, 40th, 60th…or any birthday, embrace your milestone and wear your Birthday Sash with pride. Remember, age is just a number and you look fabulous!

4. Have Everybody Wishing You a ‘Happy Birthday’

With your Birthday Sash on, everyone will know you’re out celebrating so expect roars of ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ from strangers…and maybe even a freebie or two if people are feeling generous! You deserve to be spoiled after all.

5. Special Reminder of the Night

Always have your Birthday Sash as a keepsake of the fun you had. It will look just as good hanging in your bedroom as it did on you – bound to bring a smile to your face!

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Personalised Sashes from

Here at we can customise and design a Personalised Sash, especially for you. With a wide variety of colours available; you can customise a sash to suit your needs. This perfect accessory for any celebration can also serve as a sweet keepsake and memory of your special event!

personalised sashes from

A sample of some of our personalised sashes

Customisation of our Personalised Sashes starts and ends with you. The options are limitless with different colour combos and the freedom to add a message of your choice. Sash colours range from pinks and blues, to classic black and white. The print is available in shiny silver or gold and simple black. Get any name or slogan printed in a font type of your choice and add an accompanying clip art to make it completely personalised to you! The sashes can be made to different lengths, and are therefore totally adjustable ,and are secured with a Velcro fastening to ensure a comfortable fit for all.

Here are a few of our favourite Sashes and an idea of some of the occasions they are suitable for:

Personalised Sashes for Hen Night

Feel and look extra special with one of our Sashes on your Hen Night. Have everyone know that you are the VIP for the night! Get your Bridal Party and Hens involved by getting one for the whole group. Discounts are available if you buy in bulk.

personalised bride to be sashpersonalised hen night sashpersonalised hen night sash

Personalised Sashes – Perfect addition to any Hen Night!

Personalised Sashes for Birthdays

Whether you are celebrating your 18th, 21st, 40th or any birthday, our Personalised Sashes are a perfect added touch to make you feel stylish and special. Match the sash to your birthday outfit and be safe in the knowledge that the Velcro fastening means you can dance to your heart’s content without it falling off.


personalised 21st birthday sash

personalised 40th birthday sash

Personalised Sashes for Baby Showers

Celebrate your good news at your baby shower with a Personalised Sash to remember the day forever. Why not chose the blue or pink colours depending on if you are having a boy or a girl? Our sashes are completely adjustable and so can accommodate bump, leaving you feeling comfortable and the centre of attention!

personalised mammy to be sash

personalised baby shower sash

Order yours from our website from €5.99. Don’t forget to check us out and follow us on social media!


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7 Tips & Gift Ideas For Father’s Day Shopping

Father’s Day is fast approaching (it falls on June 19th this year, FYI!) and here at, we have a vast selection of unique and personalised gifts your Dad will love! Whether you want to buy something simple and practical or luxurious and stylish, we’ve got you covered.

1. Know your Budget

Before you can even begin to chose a gift, you need to know how much you are willing to spend. WowWee have affordable gifts that are special, unique and won’t break the bank. This personalised mug is only €12.99 and features an adorably cheeky message making it the perfect gift from little ones to their doting Dad!

fathers day mug
Your Dad can think of you as he enjoys his tea!

2. Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Take a traditional gift, like his favourite bottle of wine, and give it a new look with one of our personalised labels. This instantly changes an ordinary present into a extraordinary and thoughtful keepsake – so special, he might not even want to open it!

personalised bottle label
He will be delighted to see him name on the bottle

3. Don’t be Afraid to Be Sentimental

There really is no one quite like your Dad, right? Let him know just how much he means to you this Father’s Day by gifting him a beautiful personalised picture frame. A photo of you together, combined with an affectionate and personal message, makes it a timeless keepsake he will want to display with pride.

personalised photo frame
Frames make for a great keepsake

4. Let Him Know He’s Not Taken for Granted

Show your appreciation for all he does for you. Is he an amazing chef that is always dishing up delicious meals in the kitchen or out at the BBQ? This personalised apron is a functional yet stylish gift that will let him know just how grateful you are for the grub!

personalised fathers day apron
No. 1 Chef

5. Commemorate his First Father’s Day

Imagine the smile on your partner’s face seeing their little bundle of joy dressed in one of our personalised baby vests on the morning of the 19th! The ideal gift for a special daddy celebrating his first Father’s Day. Personalise the vest with baby’s name to make this gift even more unique

personalised baby vest
Nothing sweeter than cute babies!

6. Appeal to his Hobbies & Interests

If your Dad is a sports fanatic, we have gifts that he will really love and cherish. Impress him and prove that you are listening when he talks about matches and scores (you’re not just zoned out on your phone!) with our personalised replica wooden hurley or rugby ball.

personalised hurleypersonalised rugby ball

7. Don’t Forget Men Like Their Comforts Too

Surprise your Dad with a monogrammed towel set or a personalised bathrobe. These are luxury items that he probably wouldn’t think to purchase for himself, making them a excellent Father’s Day treat – relaxation with a personal touch!

fathers day towelsfathers day bathrobe

Visit our website for even more Father’s Day Gift ideas. Also, don’t forget to check out our social media sites!