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5 Top Picks: Personalised Christmas Ornaments for a Family of 3 |

Looking to get a unique and thoughtful gift for a family of 3 this Christmas, one that the family can take out and enjoy every Christmas thereafter? have a huge selection of Personalised Christmas Ornaments that every family would love to recieve! Here’s 5 of our top picks:

1. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Snowman Sled, Family of 3

Mammy, Daddy and Baby on a Sled – cute Snowmen Christmas Tree Decoration personalised specially for your Family of 3. An alternative to the usual Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament as it includes the whole family. One of our most popular Personalised Christmas Ornaments year after year.

personalised christmas ornament snowman sled family of 3

 2. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Glitter Gift, Family of 3 

This Personalised Christmas Ornament features a family of 3 wearing hats with their names on them poking out of a glittering Christmas Gift. Why not treat a couple who have welcomed a new baby to their family in 2016 to this festive Personalised Decoration?

personalised christmas ornament glitter gift family of 3

3. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Family of 3, Mitten

An adorable Mitten shaped Christmas Ornament personalised for a family of 3. Order online from our website and simply fill in the names that you wish for our artists to handpaint on this Personalised Christmas Decoration. A thoughtful gift for Christmas 2016 that will be enjoyed by the recipient family for Christmases to come.

personalised christmas ornament family of 3 mitten

4. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Family of 3, Santa’s List 

Let your family members know they are on Santa’s List this Christmas with this Personalised Christmas Ornament. Whether you choose to decorate it with the names of parents and their child, the names of your siblings or maybe even your Grandchildren – all‘s Personalised Ornaments can be customised to suit your needs!

personalised christmas ornament family of 3 santas list

5. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Family of 3, Hugs and Kisses

Send a family of 3 some hugs and kisses for Christmas 2016 in the form of this Personalised Christmas Ornament. The names are carefully and artistically handpainted on the decoration, making each one unique, and it will be delivered to you in a bespoke Christmas Gift Bag.

personalised christmas ornament family of 3 hugs and kisses

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