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From Traditional to Modern – Personalised Christening Gifts |

Here at we know that Christenings are one of the first special days in a little one’s life. Therefore, we know that the gift you send should be just as special as the occasion itself! We aim for you to feel proud of the gift you send with us and for the receiver to know the thought and effort you put into choosing and personalising the gift specially for their baby.

We offer a wide variety of Personalised Christening Gifts to help celebrate baby’s Baptism day.

There is a lot of choice for both Girls and Boys.

Let’s look at some of our top picks – moving from traditional gifts to gifts that are more modern and unique.

Personalised Christening Shawl

A white blanket, beautifully embroidered in a thread colour of your choice (baby pink, light blue or sparkling silver). This is perhaps the most traditional of all our Personalised Christening Gifts. Why not choose to add a matching Personalised Satin Bib to this gift to make it even more special?

personalised christening shawl for girls
Personalised Christening Shawl for Girls with matching Satin Bib |
personalised christening shawl for boys
Baby Blue Embroidery |

Personalised Christening Candle 

Another traditional gift – a Baptism Candle that is Personalised with all the special details of the day,including the baby’s name, date, church and the Godparents names. We have different designs to choose from for both Boys and Girls. A timeless keepsake that will last through the years.

personalised christening candle for girls
Adorable Teddy Design |
personalised christening candle for boys
All the details from the special day |

Personalised Christening Slate – ‘The Meaning of’

A more modern Christening Gift – a gorgeous Slate personalised with the meaning of the name, the details of the day and the senders name too! This is a gift that will last a lifetime and looks great displayed anywhere in baby’s room.

personalised christening slate for boys
Looks beautiful displayed in baby’s room |
personalised christening slate for girls
A perfect gift from Godparents! |

Personalised Rag Doll – Faith

A Personalised Christening handmade ragdoll is a gift that is sure to become a special part of a little girl’s life. Rag Doll Faith from the Dolly Doo Collection is beautifully dressed in a traditional christening gown with matching shoes and bonnet. Faith is personalised with a first name of your choice. A date is also possible and makes the dolly a very special christening gift.

personalised christening doll
A unique memory of the special occasion! |

Personalised Christening Keepsake Box

A place to keep precious bits and bobs from the day – like a Personalised Christening Bracelet, baby’s first outfit or an adorable photo. The Personalisation on these boxes is hand painted in silver pen by our artists, meaning each one is one of a kind!

personalised christening keepsake box
With room for a photograph too |
personalised christening outfit keepsake box
Keep the outfit safe for years to come |

Personalised Christening Bib

Perfect if you are looking to send something small. It can be functional and used on the day or kept clean and pristine as a memory of the occasion. Two styles available, satin or cotton- one embroidered and one printed, both so cute.

personalised christening bib printed
Keep the Christening Outfit clean underneath |
personalised satin christening bib
Silky Satin with Silver Embroidery |

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Treasured Memories – Personalised Communion Gifts for Girls and Boys |

It’s May…and with that comes First Holy Communions. People are on the look out for gifts that are fitting for such a special day in the life of a little boy or girl. Here at we have a large selection of Personalised Communion Gifts that are unique, thoughtful and make beautiful keepsakes of the occasion. Let’s take a closer look at just some of our customer’s favourites for both girls and boys.

Personalised Communion Gifts for Girls 

1. – Personalised Communion Rag Doll

By far our most popular Communion product for little ladys is our Personalised Communion Rag Doll. She makes a beautiful keepsake that is bound to be treasured for years to come! Her dress is embroidered specially for you with name and date, she will arrive presented in a pretty bespoke white box – a truly lovely surprise to open on the day! Choose between blonde or brown hair to match that of the little girl.

personalised communion doll brown hair
Personalised Communion Rag Doll with beautiful brown hair
personalised communion doll blonde hair
Personalised Communion Doll looking pretty with blonde hair

2. – Personalised Holy Communion Apron

This is a unique yet practical gift for a little girl to receive on her Communion Day. Personalised with name and date so she will always remember the special occasion. Features an adorable little cartoon girl that can be customised to suit the child. It will come in handy as it can be used to protect the precious dress during the celebrations!

personalised holy communion apron
Personalised Communion Apron – Cute & Functional

3. – Personalised Satin Robe for Communion Girl

The Communion Girl will feel so grown up and special in this stunning ivory satin robe while she gets pampered ahead of the festivities. The perfect gift for any little princess! Personalise it however you would like to make it even more unique – we can print on both the back and front of the robe. Option to have it presented in a beautiful gift box available.

personalised communion robe
Feel like a VIP!

Personalised Communion Gifts for Boys

1. – Personalised Communion Day Mug 

A simple yet special gift. This Personalised Communion Mug features a customisable cartoon boy, the name of child and date of Communion. Remember all the happy moments from the big day each time this mug is used! A great option for these looking for a small token to gift a Communion boy.

personalised communion mug boys
A sentimental token from the Communion Day

2. – Personalised Communion Hoodie

There is no denying that boys love their hoodies! Any little Communion boy will be delighted to wear this adorable and comfy Hoodie over their fancy clothes during the big day. Again, this gift is personalised just for you with name, date and hair colour. T-Shirts are also available in a similar style.

personalised communion hoodie boys
Cute and cosy!

3. – Personalised Communion Frame

This Personalised Communion Frame creates a lasting reflection of the happiness of the big day. It is printed with care specially for you and will not peel or fade so it can be treasured for years to come! The frame has an easel back so it can be displayed on a shelf as well as a keyhole so it can be hung on the wall. Other styles are available also.

personalised communion frame boys
Picture perfect memories!

Be sure to check out all these, and much more, on the Communion section of our website. All are available to order for Communions 2017 on

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Getting Wedding Ready in Style! Delicate Lace & Satin Collection of Personalised Bridal Robes from

Showcasing Brand New Personalised Bridal Robes from – the Delicate Lace and Satin Collection. Matching Robes for the Bridal Party as still as popular as ever. They are now even considered a Wedding Morning essential, an accessory that makes the occasion even more special. Photographs of you and the girls getting ready in your Robes look stylish and relaxed, and yet full of personality and fun. They also make amazing gifts and keepsakes of the day!

For our new collection, we watched Robes that were the embodiment of Bridal Style – elegant, subtle shades and dainty. And so the Delicate Lace and Satin Collection was born! The Robes are graceful and sophisticated. The 5 shades are whimsical and on trend. The Personalisation fits in with the style beautifully.

All our Personalised Bridal Robes can be purchased individually or as part of a bundle of 3 or more. Gift Bags, Gift Boxes and Slippers can be added at the check out!

Personalised Lace and Satin Robes in Dusty Rose 

Pretty in Pink! The Dusty Rose Bundle of Personalised Dressing Gowns consists of an Ivory Robe and 2 or more Pink Robes. Dusty Rose is mink pink shade that looks stunning on all skin tones and hair colours – perfect for all members of your Bridal Party. Pinks like this are so popular for Spring/ Summer 2017 so why not bring the trend into with your Wedding with these gorgeous Personalised Bridal Satin Robes?

personalised bridal robes pink

Personalised Lace and Satin Robes in Mauve Mist

Purple Haze! The Mauve Mist Bundle of Personalised Bridal Robes consists of an Ivory Robe and 2 or more Lilac Robes. Mauve Mist is a stunning pale, grey toned purple. A striking shade that photographs beautifully. The lace adds a polished look to these stunning Personalised Satin Robes.

personalised bridal robes purple

Personalised Lace and Satin Robes in Elegant Silver 

Sophisticated in Silver! The Elegant Silver Bundle of Personalised Kimonos consists of an Ivory Robe and two or more Silver Robes. A lovely shade for Weddings all year round that compliments many colour themes. An exciting addition as we have never had Robes like this. Sure to be a popular choice for Brides to be looking for Personalised Satin Robes.

personalised satin lace bridal robes silver

Personalised Lace and Satin Robes in Dreamy Blue

Bridal Blue of your Dreams! The Dreamy Blue Bundle of Personalised Satin Dressing Gowns consists of an Ivory Robe and 2 or more Navy Robes. Like the name suggests, they are a dream Bridal Party Gift. These Robes feature stunning Ivory Personalisation on the back. A deep shimmering shade that can double as the Bride’s ‘Something Blue’.

personalised satin robes navy blue

Personalised Lace and Satin Robes in Chic Champagne

Pop the Champagne! The Chic Champagne Bundle of Personalised Satin Robes consists of an Ivory Robe and 2 of more pale gold Robes. A wedding morning essential, just like Champagne. Get ready in style with this stunning Bridal Accessory from This colour looks so pretty in the silky satin material with the lace hem added an extra edge of elegance.

personalised chic champagne bridal robes

Which colour from the collection is your favourite? Let us know in the comments or on our Social Media! 


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Over 100 quality products available to order online – all with a personalised touch! Specialising in Personalised Christmas Stockings and Personalised Christmas Ornaments for over 15 years. Our Personalised Christmas Gifts are to be enjoyed and treasured year after year. Carefully and beautifully packaged – our aim is for the sender to feel proud and the receiver to feel special.

Here’s a handy Gift Guide if you are looking for a Personalised Gift – we have everyone from friends and family to baby and children covered. Be sure to visit for even more christmas gift inspiration.

Whether you are visiting the neighbours or some of your relatives, here are 3 Personalised Gift Options for a family – something the whole family can enjoy!

personalised christmas gift ideas for a family

Treat a special couple to some of our Personalised Christmas Tree Decorations!

  • Personalised Linking Train Ideal for a couple that may soon be starting a family – add a Personalised Carriage when baby arrives. €33.00

personalised christmas gifts for couples

Baby’s First Christmas is a special and magical time! So here at WowWee, we have lots of Personalised Baby’s First Christmas Gifts to help you celebrate.

personalised christmas gifts babys 1st christmas

Lets face it, Christmas is all about the kids! Here’s a couple of festive Personalised Children’s toys your little ones will love.

It can be hard finding that perfect gift to suit each of your friends. Search no more – WowWee have got you sorted!

  • Personalised Blankie Amazingly cosy and comfy. Curl up with this luxurious lap duvet; you’ll never feel the cold again with this personalised blanket. €69.99
  • Personalised Satin Robe A lovely and thoughtful gift for the lady who loves to be pampered and take her time getting ready for a night out – their own Personalised Satin Floral Robe. €35.00
  • Personalised Wine with Personalised Wine Label Take an ordinary bottle of wine and turn it into an extraordinary Christmas Gift! Personalised wine labels can be ordered on its one for only €8.99. Or save yourself hassle and purchase both the wine and label from us for just €22.00
  • Personalised Foxford Scarf A scarf that will last a lifetime. Foxford Woolen Mills Scarf beautifully embroidered with a name or initials. €29.99

personalised christmas gifts for friends

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7 Personalised Christmas Ornaments for Children from

Here at have Personalised Christmas Ornaments to suit everybody’s styles and tastes. Let’s take a look at some our of Personalised Decorations that are favourites with Children.

Personalised Christmas Ornaments – Baby’s First Christmas Decorations

Baby’s 1st Christmas is one of our most popular Personalised Christmas Ornaments each year. One of these Snowman Decorations will look so cute and sweet hanging from the tree with your baby’s name on it.

personalised christmas ornament babys 1st christmas decoration

Personalised Christmas Ornament for Children – Christmas Moose 

Kids love to see their name on this adorable Christmas Moose Decoration. All of our Personalised Christmas Ornaments are personalised specially for you by our team – each name is handpainted with care and love.

personalised christmas ornament for children christmas moose

Personalised Christmas Ornament for Good Boys and Girls – Santa’s List

Another favourite with children – this Personalised Christmas Ornament features a jolly Santa with the names of the good boys and girls handpainted on his scroll. Excellent if you wish to have more than one child’s name personalised on a decoration.

personalised christmas ornament for children santas list

Personalised Christmas Ornament for Godchild 

Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for your Godchild? Surprise them with a Personalised Ornament for Godchild. A glittery decoration that celebrates the special relationship that the Godparent shares with the child.

personalised christmas ornament for children godchild decoration

Personalised Christmas Ornament for Kids – Birdsnest Snowman

Children love to play in the snow and build snowmen, and this Personalised Snowman Decoration brings those special memories to mind each year that is it hung on the Christmas Tree. Order online from in time for Christmas 2016.

personalised christmas ornament for kids snowman

 Personalised Christmas Decoration for Grandchildren

A special Personalised Christmas Ornament that lists the names of Grandchildren in the family. Grandparents and children alike adore this decoration. A gorgeous gift to surprise a lucky family with Christmas.

personalised christmas ornament grandparents scroll decoration for grandchildren

Personalised Christmas Ornament for Kids – Festive Train

Another of our Personalised Christmas Ornaments that children seem to gravitate towards is this festive train decoration. Whether it is a little boy who is mad about trains or a little girl who has special memories of travelling on the train, it is a firm favourite with little ones.

personalised christmas ornaments for children festive train

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5 Top Picks: Personalised Christmas Ornaments for a Family of 3 |

Looking to get a unique and thoughtful gift for a family of 3 this Christmas, one that the family can take out and enjoy every Christmas thereafter? have a huge selection of Personalised Christmas Ornaments that every family would love to recieve! Here’s 5 of our top picks:

1. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Snowman Sled, Family of 3

Mammy, Daddy and Baby on a Sled – cute Snowmen Christmas Tree Decoration personalised specially for your Family of 3. An alternative to the usual Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament as it includes the whole family. One of our most popular Personalised Christmas Ornaments year after year.

personalised christmas ornament snowman sled family of 3

 2. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Glitter Gift, Family of 3 

This Personalised Christmas Ornament features a family of 3 wearing hats with their names on them poking out of a glittering Christmas Gift. Why not treat a couple who have welcomed a new baby to their family in 2016 to this festive Personalised Decoration?

personalised christmas ornament glitter gift family of 3

3. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Family of 3, Mitten

An adorable Mitten shaped Christmas Ornament personalised for a family of 3. Order online from our website and simply fill in the names that you wish for our artists to handpaint on this Personalised Christmas Decoration. A thoughtful gift for Christmas 2016 that will be enjoyed by the recipient family for Christmases to come.

personalised christmas ornament family of 3 mitten

4. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Family of 3, Santa’s List 

Let your family members know they are on Santa’s List this Christmas with this Personalised Christmas Ornament. Whether you choose to decorate it with the names of parents and their child, the names of your siblings or maybe even your Grandchildren – all‘s Personalised Ornaments can be customised to suit your needs!

personalised christmas ornament family of 3 santas list

5. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Family of 3, Hugs and Kisses

Send a family of 3 some hugs and kisses for Christmas 2016 in the form of this Personalised Christmas Ornament. The names are carefully and artistically handpainted on the decoration, making each one unique, and it will be delivered to you in a bespoke Christmas Gift Bag.

personalised christmas ornament family of 3 hugs and kisses

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9 Personalised Christmas Ornaments for Couples from

Let’s take a look at some of the Personalised Christmas Ornaments for Couples that has to offer for Christmas 2016. They make a unique and special gift. They commemorate important moments and are sweet keepsakes that can be bought out and enjoyed year after year.

1. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Our 1st Christmas Together

personalised christmas ornament our 1st christmas together
Cute Couple of Penguins | €12.50

Always remember your 1st Christmas as a couple with this cute penguin decoration. This Personalised Christmas Ornament makes a thoughtful and adorable gift from a boyfriend or girlfriend.

2. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Couple in a Sleigh with Gifts and a Christmas Tree 

personalised christmas ornament couple in a sleigh with gifts and a christmas tree
Dashing through the snow | €12.50

Surprise a special couple with this Personalised Christmas Ornament; whether for parents, grandparents, friends or neighbours. This is one of the most popular choices with our customers every year.

3. Personalized Christmas Ornament – Engagement Snowman Couple 

personalised christmas ornament engagement snowman couple
She said YES! | €12.50

Know a couple who became engaged during 2016? Treat them to this Engagement Christmas Ornament personalised specially for them. It will bring back lovely memories each tree when they hang it on their Christmas Tree!

4. Personalised Christmas Ornament for a Couple – Bed Heads 

personalised christmas ornaments for a couple bed heads
Bed Heads | €12.50

Another of our customer’s favourites! This Personalised Christmas Ornament makes a cute gift for any couple – it features a couple snuggled up in bed with festive hats. A special ornament with your name on it.

5. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Our First as Mr & Mrs 

personalised christmas ornament our first as mr and mrs
Newlyweds | €12.50

The First Christmas as a married couple is a significant one for every couple. Give this Personalised Christmas Ornament as a gift and it is bound to become a favourite decoration that will be displayed with pride each year.

  6. Personalised Christmas Ornament for Couple – Stockings on the Mantelpiece 

personalised christmas ornament for couple stockings on the mantelpiece
Glittery Stocking with your name on | €12.50

This Christmas Tree Ornament is classy and elegant – choose to decorate with a festive greeting or with the couple’s surname. The names look stunning and really stand out on the white trim of the glittery Christmas Stockings. Treat a couple for Christmas 2016.

7. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Pregnant Couple 

personalised christmas ornament pregnant couple
Baby on Board | €12.50

Perhaps you are looking for a gift for a couple that are expecting a baby. This is such an exciting time so of course we feel like they deserve their own Christmas Decoration too! Personalised Christmas Ornament for a Pregnant Couple – celebrate the beginning of a new family.

8. Personalised Christmas Ornament for a Couple – Festive Christmas Bells

personalised christmas ornament for couple festive christmas bells
Sleigh Bells Ring | €12.50

Personalised with the names of a lucky couple, this Christmas Ornament with Festive Decorative Bells looks amazing hanging from the branches of the Christmas Tree. Perfect for the couple that like traditional and somewhat understated decorations.

9. Personalised Christmas Ornament – Our New Home

personalised christmas ornament our new home
Home Sweet Home | €12.50

Buying your first home or moving into a new house is another of lifes special moments that we have a Personalised Christmas Tree Ornament for. Immortalise the big move by adding the surname of the happy couple to the ornament.

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